MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard Review

MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard Review
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Quick Overview






  • Multiple compatibilities
  • Dual channel DDR4 support
  • Customizable lights
  • Immersive sound
  • Heat dispersion and control


  • Only works with Windows 10

Whether you’re building your first PC or are just upgrading to the latest rig setups, you can count on the MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard to get the job done. With the rising popularity of video games, it’s essential to invest in a motherboard that can last through the strenuous hours of grinding, leveling, and questing.

One of the major issues gamers face is overheating due to overclocking and lack of thermal regulation. However, the MPG Z390 is an upgraded motherboard that features multiple compatibility, customization, and fantastic audio.

MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard Review

Let’s be real: we play games to enjoy ourselves, relax, or win. You can’t do that if the motherboard you’re using is laggy, choppy, or unresponsive. It’s the backbone of your entire system, and to max out graphics and performance, you’ll need an upgraded system that can regulate temperature, reduce lag, and create better response times.

Who Is This Product For?

While the motherboard itself is geared towards gamers, it can also be used for those running stressful programs or multiple applications. We’d recommend it to gamers who enjoy playing hours on end in their free time. You’ll be able to reduce lag, overheating, and enhance your audio experience in the game.

What’s Included?

The package comes with the MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard which weighs around 3.3 pounds and has the dimensions 12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches. If you choose to get the bundled version, it comes with a whole list of accessories and instructions that make setup faster and less stressful.

Here’s a quick list for what you’ll receive:

  • Manual and quick setup guide
  • RGB LED and SATA cables
  • Product registration card
  • MSI catalog
  • Screw guide
  • DVD drivers
  • Labels
  • SLI HB bridge M
  • IO Shield

Overview of Features

Here are the things you’ll expect from the MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard:

  • Heatsink design: If you want to run the latest video games on your PC, you’ll need an efficient cooling system. The MPG features an extended heat sink design paired with a VRM to help keep your PC components cool at all times. This works by monitoring thermal levels and adjusting fan speeds to match.
  • Intel Wifi compatibility: Besides being 8th Gen Intel Core Processor compatible, the system also supports most of the 9th systems including i9 9900/9700/9600K, Pentium Gold, and Celeron LGA 1151 sockets. Lastly, the system also connects to Intel Wifi 1.73G which uses MU-MIMO tech that can deliver high AC speeds.
  • Audio boost: To ensure that your experience is complete, the system comes installed with a premium ALC1220 audio processor. Although the sound system excels when you’re using headphones, you’ll be provided with an immersive experience with amplified sounds and high-quality audio.
  • Twin Turbo M.2: One of the biggest downsides of having a slow motherboard is that it takes forever for the system to boot, load, and startup. Fortunately, with the Twin Turbo M.2, you won’t have to worry about that as it features fast data speeds. There are two separate slots which go up to 32 Gbs.
  • Mystical LED lights: A gaming PC wouldn’t be anything without the ability to customize the lighting. The MSI Mystic Light application comes with over 16.7 million choices and 29 LED effects. This enables you to change the colors to your liking or change up the look every so often.

How to Install

When it comes to installing a motherboard, you’re going to have to refer to the instruction manual that comes with the package. The reason for this is that while most connect the same way, some may need a particular setup. The MPG Z390 comes with a quick setup guide which can help you put it together within a few minutes.


While you may be able to run a majority of games and programs on the MSI MPG Z390, you may need a more advanced system for games that require overclocking and high performance. An excellent alternative is the ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero.

It features 8th and 9th generation Intel core processor support that works well with games that need extremely DRAM overclocking. Using a unique five-way optimization II system, the device provides smart prediction to help track and regulate any thermal activity.

To help keep the motherboard and other components cool, the device includes four Fan eXperts. Other than that, the system includes multiple features that enable you to overclock your games such as shielding zones, onboard clock generators, and an amazing sound system using the SupremeFX software.


With video game advancements and PC programs requiring higher speeds and fast performance, you’re going to need a hefty motherboard that can handle the load. If you don’t, you may face the reality of your system giving out or randomly shutting down.

That’s where the MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge comes in handy. It features multiple support systems which enable you to run games at high speeds for hours on end. The cooling system, enhanced controls, and Heatsink technology can keep your rig components cool and functioning at max capacity.

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